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the united nations and others that weapons have gotten from libya into algeria, which points out our need as we look at transitions occurring in that region, syria, assad is not going to be there we think much longer. there's a lot of weapons in syria. do we have a strategy to make sure as we go through transition in countries that their weapons are -- we're mindful that these weapons could end up harming u.s. interests and it needs to be part of the strategy that make sure as we support alternative governments and the rebels that there is a strong priority in protecting the source of these weapons not ending up harming americans or harming our interests. >> well, senator, you're absolutely right. one of the reasons that we and other government agencies is exactly that, we have a concerted effort to try to track down and find and recover as many man pads and other dangerous weapons as possible. libya was a wash in weapons before the revolution. obviously there were additional weapons introduced. but the vast, vast majority came out of gadhafi warehouses and as they were saying, liberated
wanted to be president of the united states and he lost that bid in 2004. the second job he's wanted is this one. the reason why you're seeing a difference between the way he'll be treated and the way hillary is is clearly and simply the fact he's no longer a political threat. hillary clinton could be the next democratic nominee. so the republicans want to come after her. he's old news as far as republicans are concerned. he's not going to be running for president again. he's one of their own. he came back to the club, the rich guys' club. so they're looking at him completely differently. >> as we see hillary clinton as one of the people who is going to introduce him, it was so fascinating to watch yesterday how she handled different members of the committee differently. what did you think of yesterday's hearing? >> well, she's good. she handled it well. i think that she was sharp and smart at the right times, and i think she pushed back hard strategically, to be honest, i thought that one particular dramatic statement she made about the four dead americans where she kind of threw a
security. the u.s. ambassador of the united nations is susan rice. again, i could go through the list. this president has appointed -- has made two appointments to the supreme court. both of them women. and i think that his commitment to -- >> is that -- >> i think the record speaks for itself. >> sheri, you can tell they're aware of what's being said. they released a photo. take a look at this with female advisers in the pitting because everyone was talking about this other picture. ten advisers in the room with the president during the fiscal cliff negotiations. and you don't have to stare it to know they're all men. how much is an optics problem and how much is a very real problem? >> i think the majority of the problem is optical and also a communications issue. even if you look at the timing of the rollout, some of his previous nominees. look at the chuck hagel nominee. they've been hanging them out to dry essentially. and for members of congress to have their opportunity to throw shots at them. it's been rather interesting and rare that the transition has been so bumpy, especial
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and now i'm not going to pay you it's going to be bad for the united states. i think we need to pay our xwils. that's the first thing. with respect to shutting down the government so we save money. we know anytime we shut down the government, we actually spend more money in the long run. i do believe we need or national parks or rangers there. i do believe that it is important for us to ramp up our transportation to fill those potholes, to make those connectors, to give money to am track to have that northeast corridor run, puck. i think they're very strong in this. i think there are plenty people on the republican side of the house in particular who have no fear about shutten down the government. i would warn them, it didn't work when newt gingrich was in place in '93 and '94, and i think americans have to look at how this will hurt us's a nation. it will hurt us across the board, mortgages, personal interest rates, cried cards, on everything. >> congressman maman loretta s thank you very much. >>> let me play for you what he just had to say. >> in the end it's a threat they can't sus
the president of the united states who will unveil his views on a path forward. what this comes down to now is will these house republicans who have pandered to their intolerant tea party base, who have fed into the extremism of that tea party base, are they willing to stand up to the tea party and do what's right for america? we'll see whether they're able to amass the votes to get us forward. >> they might see this is amnesty. what would you say? >> well, you know what? i'm interested in solutions. i'm not interested in rhetoric. i'm not interested in finger pointing. i'm not interested in the old debates, the old sound bites. we need a solution that is fair and balanced. that secures our borders. that has tough, verifiable enforcement. but also provides a path to citizenship for those who are here and part of our economy. when you've got republican senators who are willing to support this, it's time for house republicans to support it as well. >> as you know, part of this plan that was put out and we got the details overnight, it promotes a guest worker program geared toward the needs of
that is united in our recovery. >> a survey done by the city found that a majority of residents wanted those theaters to reopen. >>> investigators from the ntsb and faa arrived in japan this morning to begin their investigation on a grounded boeing 787 dreamliner. the plane made an emergency landing this week after the smell of smoke was detected in the cabin. it was just the latest in a series of problems for the 787 which has now been grounded worldwide. >>> tech rivals facebook and google top two new lists of the best companies to work for. cnbc's jackie deangelis is here about what's moving your money. >> now it is all about the perks. very important issue. so which company's perceived as a better company to work for? well says it's facebook, forbes saying it's google. from what we know, facebook is known for the laid back culture and the erik ps it pays like vacation days, free food, transportation, day care, also a generous benefits package like 100% health care coverage for employees and 50% for dependents. and then there's google, the company has long been known as a gr
to the afghans as they try to make their way. i think the president will make very clear that the united states isn't going to stay there forever and we're not going to solve afghanistan's problems for them. they've got to do it themselves. >> there's a new article and it asks this question, the obama administration says it is considering leaving no troops in afghanistan after december 2014. but is it really? or is it just decreasing expectations and using the threat as a pressure tactic ahead of president obama's meeting with afghan president hamid karzai? do you think that's what's going on? >> i think there's some gamesmanship in that regard but most people in the administration frankly most people, think it's wise to keep some troops there. the issue will come down to mission. do you want to just keep troops who will do a counter terrorism mission, is that going to be okay with the afghans? or will they want that to be but tresed by some sort of training or budget support? at this point, the afghan military is going to cost more money than the country has to spend. so i think very high on k
'm with the rest of the people, connecticut and the united states, we want action. no gun should be sold without a background check. you can't get on a plane without a background check. you shouldn't be able to buy a gun. >> is there anything that you sense in there that everybody comes together, feels a little kumbaya for 48 hours, maybe it feels like that, but is there anything that suggests to you that the two sides will be able to work together in barack obama's second term? >> well, i'm a moderate centrist democrat. i do believe we can find common ground. i also believe that we have to stand firmly on what we believe in and after what happened in newtown and actually after a series of really tragic mass shootings and of course, what happens daily in this country, loss of life from gun violence, i believe strongly that there are actions we can take. the president laid out a very reasonable actions we should take and yet we have not seen any movement on the republican side and that is really not just disappointing but really doesn't speak to the real demand from americans that we need to do m
the president that if i am confirmed by the united states senate, i will always do my best. i will always do my best for our nation and for the men and women and their families who are called on to make the enormous sacrifices of military service. their safety, success and welfare will always be at the forefront of the decisions i make. i also assured the president that i would always provide him with my most honest and informed advice. i make that same commitment to this committee and to the congress. if confirmed i will reach out to the members of this committee for advice and collaboration. it will be a partnership because the national security challenges america faces require it. our nation's security is the highest prosecutor of our leaders and our government. we can not allow the work of confronting the great threats we face today to be held hostage to partisanship on either side of the aisle or by differences between the bodies represented in articles i and ii of our constitution. the stakes are too high. men and women of all political philosophies and parties and ideas die and fight for
the united states and israel? >> these are charges that we just heard in november. leveled against president obama saying that he would throw israel under the bus. the american jewish community in commit polls voted 70% for obama. they didn't believe those arguments. there are a variety of former american ambassadors to israel, leading israelis, leading jewish commentators. i myself write for a jewish newspaper at my hometown. there is significant support for chuck hagel and his positions. these are really not fair charges. he has a track record of supporting sanctions on iran, tough diplomacy with iran. >> in addition gay rights groups have also expressed opposition because of the comments he made just a little over a decade ago about american ambassador to luxembourg james hormel who is gay. i know he's apologized for these comments. what are your thoughts about that? there are still a number of gay rights advocates who have serious concerns about chuck hagel. >> this is a watershed moment in our country where the don't ask, don't tell policy has been repealed. chuck hagel has recognized t
values standpoint, we need to keep our families united, those who have been working in our community for a long time. for me, from a homeland security perspective, sitting on the homeland security committee, i would rather have these people be taken care of, understand who they are, be in line, have visas and allow people to come to this country to work if we need more workers. and really concentration my homeland security resources on those people who really mean to do us harm. >> well, you do know that one of the proposals here, and it relates to homeland security, is that this should be tied to stricter border security, although -- well, let me play for you first what your colleague, marshall blackburn had to say about that. >> item number one has to be a secure border. the american people are sick of what they're hearing about human trafficking, sex trafficking, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking. let's end illegal entry into this country, regardless of what that entry is. >> congressman, john mccain also reiterated this morning, that he felt that the administration had not do
, but it actually was one of the greatest lapse of leadership that i think we've seen in the united states ever. >> you know, it's a normal thing when a tragedy occurs for americans to move on and sometimes we do forget in a case like this that there are people still out there who are suffering. so christine, let me ask you. this hurricane left your home pretty much uninhabitable. we have some pictures taken in your neighborhood just last week. tell me what these last 67 days have been like for you. >> it's been absolutely terrible. we've been out of the house now for over two months. everyone in our community has just been devastated by this and there seems to be no end in sight. we're not really getting any real answers from fema. it's very unpredictable when we call. seems like the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing and these are our homes, these are our lives. >> i was shocked that someone i know and who came on the program over the weekend said that he had to move seven times since he was displaced from his home. where are you living? what is your day-to-day life like? >>
and vests. the owner lands -- plans on selling them in the united states. interesting to hear the response. >> looking ahead to the forecast on friday, will it be outdoor weekend? >> well...depends on your definition. early saturday, maybe you get stuff in. >> if you like the rain, it is your week end. now, trying to make everyone happy, it is dry weather, but mostly a lot of fox extreme weather center. coming up on 6:18, you can see looking down to the west, into san francisco, it is quiet, and not as hazy as it was this time yesterday. there is more moisture in the air. the frost where it is developing it is thicker. it is quiet and we will keep it running because tomorrow afternoon, it looks like it is good again. 32 in fairfield, the cool support and 30 walnut walnut cr. mid-30's along the peninsula and low 40's on the east bay shore and low-to-mid 30's in san francisco. monterey is a good air mass. today, sunny and dry. the rain comes this tomorrow, and, again, on sunday, and then we have dry weather for monday can tuesday. temperatures from 53 in antioch to santa rosa, oakland, fremo
but they are united in the outrage over newtown. common sense should prevail. we must get away from a mind set that has owners of firearms worried that they are going to take our guns away. the second amendment guarantees that won't happen. it seems like everyone from dianne feinstein to mark kelly, the mother of christina green, the young victim in tucson, we don't want to take your guns away. why is the nra adamant about there being no new laws? >> the nra primarily wants to sell guns. they represent gun manufacturers as well as citizens and that was not in wayne lapierre's statement. they like this conflict and want to create the fear that the government is going to come after guns because it sells more guns and it has across the country. the other thing is, they are stri dentally aposed to any restriction, they keep reporting this slippery slope argument. if there were any validity, we would have confiscated every gun because we've been working this for many years and the brady bill would have been a first step. that's a silly argument. people like mitch mcconnell are stoking it. in my sta
be reshaped? how will be the pentagon move forward in a world where the united states is no longer fighting a war on two fronts and two countries but is still fighting a war with drones and going after terror cells around the world that would do us harm. even though senator hagel, you know, says that the pentagon is bloated, yes, it's bloated but how do you squeeze out the bloat and make the pentagon more efficient. >> to your point, david brooks writes, chuck hagel has been nominated to supervise the beginning of this generation long process of defense cutbacks. if a democratic president is going to slash defense, he probably wants a republican at the pentagon to give him political cover. and he probably wants a decorated war hero to boot. a lot has been talked about the president's comfort level. there's no doubt he and chuck hagel have a relationship among other things forged by trips to afghanistan and iraq. but bottom line is what david brooks just argued the real key here? >> you know, that's a good question and there's so much more to hagel's nomination than just what is going on at
indications, this is a terrorist act and the united states strongly condemns these kinds of terrorist acts. it is a very serious matter when americans are taken hostage along with others. >> you mentioned destabilization in the region, how serious is that threat? >> it is a serious one, mokhtar belmokhtar has said we're going to go after people that are stealing the resources from this region, ie the petroleum base products that are from this region. the problem is that these folks will be execute hostages, no doubt, if they feel there will be no negotiations, if they feel that the u.s. government and the british government won't negotiate, they will kill those hostages. this guy is not zarqawi, but in some ways he's worse because he's unpredictable. they're looking for money, if they can't get money, they'll start killing hostages, almost for certain. >> a developing story, again, we will have much more on this as we get more throughout the day. today's tweet of the day on a very different topic comes from congresswoman michelle because. wishing michelle obama a happy birthday. she's an a
threatened to attack south korea if seoul joins in a new round of united nations sanctions. north korea calls the sanctions, quote, a declaration of war. >>> and as if the flu season wasn't enough to worry about, a new strain of the norovirus stomach bug is sweeping through the u.s. and it's nasty with gut-wrenching effects that experts say can be even harder to fight off than the flu. it's also easily spread through touching a contaminated surface or eating food handled by an infected person. >>> sports for disabled students is the focus of a sweeping now policy. the department of education is ordering schools to include disabled students in existing sports programs or create equal alternative options. >>> we're hearing now from the fake girlfriend in the manti te'o hoax. these are some of the phone messages left by the phony girlfriend whose story was that she's battling leukemia and was getting chemo. >> hi. i'm just letting you know i got here and i'm getting ready for my first session. and just want to call you to keep you posted. i miss you. i love you. bye. >> in her interview with te'
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)